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Have the ability to bring to life a dream, an idea, or a project, is the most important part of our work. The creative team and you work together to deliver unique and winning pieces that will make you stand out!

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Tigo/Une Colombia

I work as a Selfservice Specialist for a fast-growing media and telecommunications company with more than 8 million customers operating in Colombia and 56 millions in africa and latin america. I Followed a User Centred design model and brought to the table a holistic view for building and maintaining effective digital platforms. I've been running Usability studies to understand customer`s journeys (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral) and support business decisions fact based, resulting in useful, delightful and ubiquitous multi-device experiences, applying always best practices for User Interface design and state of the art aesthetics. Some Examples are:

  • Acquisition, Activation and Retention Campaigns

  • Website/App Metrics: Users, Transactions, Cost Avoidance.

  • Email Marketing Channel

  • Social Media Posts (Selfservice)

Dr. Johanna Antolinez

Medicine help to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure illness, injury and diseases as general practitioners. Dr. Johanna Antolinez came to us with the idea of having a brand that conveys health, nature and was aligned with the fundamentals of homeopathic medicine.

The dragonfly was fully connected to the johannas´s vision and is the symbolism of change and transformation. When the dragonfly shows up in pacient´s life, it may reminds them to bring a bit more lightness and health into their life.

Mellow by Natalia Ospina

A clothing brand for animal lovers, where fashion for pets and their owners become one. Exclusive designs where you and your pet can match in style!

We worked closely with Natalia Ospina to create a brand where they could express love for pets and dress them in a comfortable and casual way, adding a unique "match concept" where pets and their owners cam match in their style. Mellow is a cute mini yorkie that has been with Natalia for 9 years. The name Mellow, as well as the brand concept, expresses calm, softness, gentleness and delicacy, which is what they bring into their designs as well.

Website: mellowbynataliaospina

Casino Tropicana

We do a team work with Casino Tropicana on the opening Campaign in the city of Barranquilla. Graphic elements were created to locate in elevators and escalators of the Villa Country Mall. Likewise we create a reception with an elegant style using the logo and a module in repetition to that sense of fun and play

Some other happy clients
Ruta4 Bodytech Ant bike Group
Renzo El Carrito Shots La Familia CR
Marianna y Mafe Patisserie Caras y Cuentos TPC Motor